Itty Bitty Books

Each Itty Bitty book is handmade with love and care in the Itty Bitty studio by husband and wife team, Al and Astra, no mass production here! They hand bind each individual book with 100% cotton cord and decorate with glass and toho beads, which are all ethically sourced.

In each book there are 26 individually designed quotes and 3 complimenting photographs all originally designed by Al in his popular and unique style.

★ Meet the Makers Astra and Al★ 

"I'm Astra, my husband Al and I have been running Itty Bitty Book Co. together, from our teeny home studio in beautiful Northern Ireland, since 2013.

Everything you see here is 100% made in Ireland, most of our print is done in our studio & the rest is printed at a local eco-printers. We use recycled, eco-friendly & ethically sourced materials everywhere possible.

As a social enterprise we're focused on improving mental health outcomes through craft & positive thinking.

We've also been involved in lots of charitable endeavours, for example we volunteer with Young Enterprise, also 100% of our Book of Strength profits were donated to Charity for the first 3 years :)

We believe strongly in doing well by doing good and would rather be happy than rich any day!!


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