Tamnagh Foods Apple & Rhubarb Chutney 230G

Tamnagh Foods

This great Tamnagh Foods Apple & Rhubarb Chutney is made seasonally with home grown rhubarb and Bramley apples from County Armagh. Perfect served with an aged hard cheese.

Tamnagh Foods is committed to the principles of artisan production – carefully producing food with the minimum use of machines to maximise the natural flavours of the food.

Committed to the environment – they source locally to keep food miles down, ensure traceability and we recycle to minimise our waste.

More relishes, cheeses and granolas from Tamnagh Foods.

Rhubarb (23%), Onions, Vinegar, Apples (14%), Salt, Coriander, Ground Cloves


  • Vegitarian Friendly


Co. Derry

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