Primal Pantry Double Espresso Protein Bar- 55g (Best Before 26/5/19)


Primal snack and high energy protein bars.  A real food snack brand, using the finest (and handful) of ingredients to craft snackand and high-protein bars.

Train harder for longer with an intense hit of 100% natural caffeine in the ‘Double Espresso’ high-protein energy bar.  With 146mg of natural caffeine and 15g of complete plant protein, our bars are 100% clean. The perfect fuel to enhance performance and aid recovery.

USP A real food snack brand, using the finest (and handful) of ingredientsto craft snack and high-protein bars.

WOW FACT! No added nasties or funky sounding names, just honest,simple ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen cupboard.

(Best Before 26/5/19)

  • Ingredients

    dates, hemp protein (25%), coconut nectar, almonds, almond oil, caffeine extract from the coffee beans (0.18%), coffee beans (5%). 

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