Primal Pantry Cocoa Brownie Protein Bar- 55g (Best Before 5/5/19)


Primal snack and high energy protein bars.  A real food snack brand, using the finest (and handful) of ingredients to craft snackand and high-protein bars.

This deliciously simple recipe is one to be cherished! For real Brazil Nut lovers the perfect snack. Soft and delicious, super nutritious. Each 55g bar contains 15g of plant protein. Perfect for post-workout nutrition. Super clean, super tasty. Pack some primal protein into your day.

USP A real food snack brand, using the finest (and handful) of ingredientsto craft snack and high-protein bars.

WOW FACT! No added nasties or funky sounding names, just honest,simple ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen cupboard.

(Best Before 5/5/19)

  • Ingredients

    dates, hemp protein (25%), coconut nectar, cocoa powder (6%), almonds, cocoa nibs (4%), almond oil.

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