Natural Born Feeder Roz Purcell Whole Foods Whole Life


This beautiful hardcover book by Tipperary native Roz Purcell is sure to ignite your passion for natural, nutritious food! Roz's approach to cooking is simple: use whole foods to live a whole life. An approach the SoulBia team fully abides by.

Having developed a negative relationship with food that led her to make unhealthy choices, she changed her lifestyle by rediscovering her love of cooking. Roz used her passion for food to develop the most amazing recipes that fuel the body, providing the energy and vitality needed to look and feel great. For Roz a healthy lifestyle isn’t about extremes, it’s about balance.

Written in a wonderfully accessible way, Natural Born Feeder features over 170 easy-to-follow, delicious recipes. So get inspired, get into the kitchen and get cooking! 

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