Moodley Manor 3AM Vegan Garlic Mayo

Moodley Manor

The very best Vegan Garlic Mayo. All vegan but tastes like the stuff you get in a chipper and goes with everything!!!! (Believe us, we've tried)  Highlighted with cracked black pepper and all the badassery you can live for. Great with Moodley Manor's meat alternative products too - see them here.


  • Ingredients

    Rapeseed oil. Soya Milk, (water, hulled soya beans, calcium phosphates, maltodextrin, stabiliser:gellan gum, 
    natural flavouring, vitamins:riboflavin b2, b12, d2) White wine vinegar, lemon juice, Mustard, (Salt, pepper, spirit vinegar, ground mustard seed,turmeric, natural Turmeric flavouring, natural clove flavouring, colour(paprika extract), garlic powder.

  • Allergens

    Wheat, Soy, mustard 

  • Attributes

    Dairy free

    Vegan friendly

    Vegetarian friendly

  • Location

    Co. Kildare

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