Mad Millie Tofu & Vegan Treats Kit (Best Before 06/2020)


Make tofu and a range of vegan soy based delicacies fresh, in your own kitchen with all natural ingredients. Tofu, or bean curd, is a popular, nourishing food that has become a staple in modern, healthy eating. It is a great source of protein, iron and calcium as well as a multitude of minerals and vitamins. Tofu is extremely versatile and great for a variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan meals, including curries, dips, dressings, as well as meat substitutes which we have also included recipes for. Perfect for the healthy foodie! This Mad Millie Tofu & Vegan Treats kit is designed to be used in any kitchen. No specialised equipment or experience required, just add soy milk, homemade or store bought!

  • Contents

    Small ricotta mould with draining container, vegetarian rennet tablets, cheese salt, butter muslin, citric acid, pipette, calcium chloride, iodophor steriliser, stainless steel thermometer, instructions and recipe booklet

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