Ghee Easy Organic Ghee

Ghee Easy

Pure. Bio. Organic. Ghee

Ghee is a very pure form of clarified butter. It is mainly used as a cooking oil. It originates from the Indian Ayurveda. It is rich and smooth in taste and great for frying. It has a very high smoke point, and burns at no less than 250 degrees Celcius.  Ghee improves digestion, it contains e.g. vitamins A, D, E en K

Quantity and dosage 

Use one or more teaspoons (approx. 6 ml or more) of Ghee Easy natural for baking, roasting and frying. One jar of Ghee Easy Natural contains 245 grams, so can last more than 40 days, depending on how much you use. 

  • Ingredients

    Butter oil (ghee) 

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