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Flow 100% Natural Alkaline Spring Water

by Flow
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Flow has more healthy minerals than most bottled waters, and it’s NATURALLY alkaline (+pH of 8.1). That means our minerals come from the earth, not an artificial process. That also means Flow’s naturally occurring magnesiumcalcium bicarbonate, and potassium are SUPER hydrating and balancing for your body. It’s like the difference between organic and conventional—Flow is the organic avocado of hydration.

Flow Water’s unique artesian spring source packs the product with natural electrolytes, essential minerals, and an alkaline pH of 8.1. The source’s natural filtration process rids the water of impurities as the rain travels underground to the limestone aquifer where it’s kept. As impurities exit along the way, nutritious minerals move in making for great tasting and healthful water.

The water is self-sustaining and self-replenishing by rain meaning it will always be protected and never drained.

Flow also follow the Clean Water Act guidelines to keep the source as untouched and pure as possible, resulting in water at the highest and kindest quality. The low acidity found in alkaline products is known to increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream, lubricate muscles and boost energy throughout the day. This natural filtration process allows the product to organically provide these healthful benefits without any tampering, nothing added and nothing removed, while also being naturally packed in an eco-friendly box.