Dollop Ghee 200ml

Dollop Ghee

Dollop ghee is made in County Louth using just 1 ingredient: 100% Irish unsalted butter.  A great alternative for cooking, Ghee has a 252 degree smoke point - compared to olive oil with 191 and coconut oil 232. This means it is much more effective for browning your meat for example, or perfectly crisping your fried egg. 

A 'healthy' fat - Ghee is nutrient dense, full of vitamins such as A & E. It is also said to reduce inflammation and aid digestion too.  

With its nutty, toasty butterscotch flavour, this ghee will compliment any dish. Roast your veggies, fry your meat or simply dollop on a bowl of porridge. The possibilities are endless.

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