Bumblezest Rosemary and Thyme Dragon Shot- 60ml (Best Before 15/03/2020)


A tasty, tropical, herbal boost that you definitely won't forget! Get some focus from these two powerhouse herbs blended into one Bumblezest Rosemary and Thyme Dragon Shot, it also provides a gentle pick me up and assists with digestion and gut health. BumbleZest health shots are all natural, tasty and packed full of interesting functional ingredients. They're friendly bursts of nature in little glass bottles.

  • Ingredients

    Water, lemon juice 23%, rosemary extract 0.22%, thyme extract 0.32%, pitaya (dragon) powder* 380mg, mint extract 2.5%, cinnamon extract 1.45%, himalayan salt* 100mg, maple* 5.8%, natural flavouring (*organic)  

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