Abernethy Butter 125G

Abernethy butter

With fans like Nigella, Mary Berry, Heston Blumenthal and Jay Rayner who describes Abernethy Butter as the "butter of your dreams" producers Allison and Will knew they had something special. 

Hand produced at Will's family farm among the green rolling hills of Dromara, Co Down.  

The cream used to make Abernethy Butter is from cows that graze on the green fields in the Lagan valley close to Allison and Wills farm.  It is then churned until it separates into butter and buttermilk.  From here the butter is put into a large bowl and washed by hand until the water runs clear, this is to remove all the buttermilk which would sour the butter.  The only thing added by Allison and Will to their butter is a pinch or two of salt, and trust us that is all that is needed.  The uniqueness of this delicious buttery butter come from the process.

The Abernethy Butter is then patted by hand out into rolls ready for wrapping.  Wrapped in grease proof and brown paper you will feel like you have stepped back in time, to a much simpler way.


The 'butter of your dreams'  - Jay Rayner.


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