Botonique Blush -750ml


Genius Drinks makes a sophisticated and celebratory range of premium products for the 20% of adults who don't drink and the 41% who are actively cutting back, as well as those who can't drink temporarily, but miss the sophistication, multi-layered flavour profiles and rituals associated with premium forms of alcohol.

Botonique Crisp Dry White and Botonique Blush are de-alcoholised, dry, sparkling drinks made of botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals and pear, bramble and strawberry juices. They are entirely free of added sugar, sulphites or anything artificial and are suitable for vegans.

Blush is the second in Botonique's Wine Lovers' Range, complementing the original Crisp Dry White. Created by a wine merchant who finds de-alcoholised wines a frustrating shadow of the drink she loves, both Botonique Crisp Dry White and Blush capture the complexity, long finish and dry, crisp refreshment we associate with dry white and rose wine, yet contain no grapes.

Food-friendly, working particularly well as an aperitif or with Mediterranean and Asian dishes. Naturally low in sugar and calories at just 17 per glass of Crisp Dry White and 12 for Blush, both drinks are free from all known allergens. Alcohol free drinks are becoming more and more popular, but only Botonique contains Prelixir, a blend of nutrients and vitamins specifically designed to help drinkers look after themselves by replacing those used up by the breakdown of alcohol, meaning that every time you replace a glass of wine with a glass of Botonique, you're doing yourself a doubly good turn.

  • Ingredients

    Sparkling water, pear, bramble and strawberry juices from concentrate (16%), prelixir nutrient blend (glycine, potassium citrate, na cysteine, vit c, malic acid, vitamins b3, b8, b5, b6, b1, b12), botanical extracts (milk thistle seed and panax ginseng), natural flavours  

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