Blakes Organic Coffee Culture Blend 1kg ( Best Before 16/03/19)


Blakes Organic Coffee Culture Blend is a blend of three Organic and Fairtrade coffee beans designed to give Blakes coffee a nice body, with low acidity, and a hint of sweetness. The main bean variety we use is an Arabica bean from Indonesia: Sumatra Mandheling Raja Gayo : The King of the Gayo Mountain. This gives our blend a nice smooth body. To this we add some Peruvian Arabica: HB Grade One, which gives our blend its sweetness and a hint of fruitiness. Then we add a small amount of Indonesian Flores Robusta for that extra kick of caffeine.

After some experimental roasting and tastings to look at possible blending options, we are confident that this blend is something special.

Best Before 16/03/19

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