Skinny Malinkys Juice 'til Dinner Cleanse

Skinny Malinkys

Skinny Malinkys Juices ’til Dinner Cleanse is designed with the modern, hectic lifestyles in mind; whether you are a busy professional, a new mother or someone who is always in a rush this is a very convenient way to cleanse.

Simply replace your breakfast, lunch and snacks with our nutrient rich juice plan while still eating a healthy dinner at the end of the day. This cleanse aims to be revitalising and is not restrictive, allowing you to feel detoxed and nourished, not hungry!

The juices are conveniently packaged and delivered to your door. Each package contains:

  • 12 bottles of super tasty cold pressed juices (4 Super tasty juices to drink throughout the day)
  • Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free

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